The formation of cellulite



Cellulite is the accumulation of toxins and waste materials in the cells. It occurs when the circulation becomes sluggish and the dermis weakens. First, the blood vessels begin to deteriorate in the upper dermis and fluid starts to accumulate in the extra cellular space. Second, the dermis deteriorates further and fat cells push upward toward the surface, causing the skin to bulge and pucker. Then, collagen and elastin break down, fibrous bands of connective tissue wraps around fat cells and rippling of the skin becomes significant. Finally, hard nodules form and the affected areas can be painful to touch. Collagen and connective tissue break down further and fat cells bulge into the dermis. Cellulite becomes highly visible. It is important to remember that cellulite is not an issue of weight, it’s not about fat. Cellulite is a skin problem. Therefore, cellulite is treated by treating the whole process of the affected part of the skin organ, not removing the fat.


Treatments : Multipolar Radio Frequency Body Contouring

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