2018 Summer Sale!

What’s New at Beautiful Skin?
Summer is upon us! Summer fun in the sun! It is hot, our skin is sun drenched and dehydrated. It needs special care and hydration. There are still many treatments that are good for our skin during the summer months to keep it properly exfoliated and hydrated as well as treat summer breakouts, sun damage and aging! The Venus Versa, as well as facials and different levels of peels can achieve all of these things. I will be highlighting different specific treatments in the coming weeks but if you have specific questions….
call, email or text me!
505-690-6553 [email protected]
The Venus Versa is bringing us all kinds of new treatments to fix all kinds of new problems! Check out the sale and the updated website. Call for a consult if you are unsure of what treatment is best for you!
Email with any questions or comments, call 505-982-3899 or text 505-690-6553 about any of the sale treatments. We always have free consultations. Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE…..